Krytic Can Murder J Cole On A Song – Says BMak

Krytic Can Murder J Cole On A Song Says BMak Read Below

Krytic Can Murder J Cole On A Song have been hooked on to hip hop and rap music from as far back as 1995, and started to write my own raps from probably around 98/99 and so I would love to believe that my knowledge in this field is quite extensive. I say this to say that,on a good day, Krytic can body J.Cole on a song. Now this is not to say krytic is a better rapper than j.Cole but if they jumped on a record together, there is a chance krytic could have a better verse. He isn’t the only one,I know a number of Zambian rappers that would perform very well on the world stage. Now,if you suffer from lack of self belief and inferiority complex,I can assure you, you will not relate to this post or to a person like me in general,we are not alike and you need to fix that. Fortune Favours the Bold!!

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