Kiss Jay | Biography

Kiss Jay | Biography

Who is Kiss Jay?
Kiss Jay is the nickname for A young Musically talented Songwriter, Beatmaker, Website designer, Artist and a Blogger under Zambianmusichits based in Mufumbwe of north Western province.

What are the real names for Kiss Jay?
Kiss Jay also known as man ILuzy is just a stage name nicknamed by himself for the love of music, His real names are “Japhet ILunga”

What is The Man ILuzy’s birthday, Month and year?
According to an interview with ZMH management, Kiss Jay made it Clear that he was born on 4th, June “2002”. “Many people think I’m more than 22 years old but I’m not” He Said.

Family information.
Japhet ILunga is a 7th Born in a Family of 11. The family has 4 boys and 7 Girls.

Education information
It is clear that Japhet has not yet Graduated from any university or college.

Why did he Join music?
“I’ve always been that person with passion for music. I used to sing some songs by Zambian Legends when I was still young and sometimes I used to compose some songs and those songs were without being in any concept but just like the songs children do sing” Kiss Jay Said.

In 2015 when he was at a primary school, he used to Rap in public while people are watching him doing it but he had no one to recognize his Talent. In 2016 when he was in grade 7, He did his first song at a studio in Chizela but it wasn’t well received by people. The next year he started composing and recording some tracks e.g Wansendela Muchima which gave him a name in the north Western music industry.

What are the plans for Kiss Jay Musically?
“For now I can say I’m nolonger interested in being an Artist but I want to concentrate on Blogging. I Love blogging and I want to promote young talents facing challenges in being recognized out there” He said.

Is he still doing music?
The answer to the above question is NO, He is managing Ace Trap who is signed by Jay Rox under Headphone Music.

Contact information

Kiss Jay’s House
Kiss Jay as a Blogger has a beautiful house which is built in his hometown. The pics of the house are shared below

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