I left that B**ch in peace says Aqualaskin…..

Aqualaskin Says “I left that b**ch in peace I never cheated”.

Made baby mama woke
She started sleeping on me
Reason we ain’t never made
That holy matrimony
Tried to stop a nigga check
Talking I should pick
But love don’t mean shit
When I’m on the mic
Since I had daughter
It’s been more blessings
Guess that colored figure
Got her mom stressing
King moved
Please forgive me
On to better things
Last last what I’m singing
Till I fall asleep
Then back to business in
The morning like she don’t exist
So if you thinking imma lose
Cause I left a bitch
God knows I never cheated
I just left in peace
Said no to being controlled
So I chucked a deuce
She helped me up a couple times
Then tried to slave me
But man’s was born a made king
A bitch can never cage me
When shit is toxic
Make a move
Or you gon regret it
I thank the lord
For being faithful

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